Credit Sweepers is a credit repair and restoration company that focuses on using disputes to challenge negative and inaccurate information on people’s credit reports. They offer a no cost consultation so customers can see what the company can do for them before they commit.


The first positive aspect of the company we found was that they help consumers figure out what to dispute on their credit report, including inaccurate or false information which might include things such as late or missed payments, liens, bankruptcies, judgements, and more. This lets consumers raise their credit score by removing false information, helping them qualify for better rates on loans and credit applications. These disputes are one of the most successful credit repair strategies.

They also impressed us in that they have a clear description of their rates and fees, which lets consumers know what the total maximum cost of their services will be. This helps customers understand the value-for-dollars they are getting from the company. Moreover, our research indicates that when a company has transparent pricing they are more likely to get positive results for customers and have higher customer service ratings.


They do have some issues however, the first being that they charge a flat $750 for their services, which is much higher than most other companies offering similar options for consumers. They point out that no fees are collected until the service is complete, but that’s part of federal law, not a company policy. Many other credit repair options offer the same services and more at a much lower price than Credit Sweepers.


Credit Sweepers aren’t a very good choice when it comes to credit repair options. Their $750 fee is just way too high when compared to some of the other companies that perform the same services and more for much less. If you’ve got a large number of credit issues to resolve it might be worth the cost, but most consumers should look elsewhere.