Credit Unlimited is a credit repair service company located in Evanston, WY. They focus on working with local customers to help them remove negative items from their credit report in order to boost their credit score. These items include judgements, charge offs, tax liens, late, and missing payments.


One of the best things about Credit Unlimited is that they offer a very clear money back guarantee for their customers. This speaks highly of their confidence in their ability to deliver results for their clients. Moreover, the company will reimburse the difference between the items that they actually got removed from the credit reports and what they charged a customer, so the customer will always pay for the value they get from the company’s services. This is a decent model for credit repair because so much of the process is out of the hands of the customer and the credit repair company. Most of the credit repair process is in the hands of the credit reporting agencies, and a monthly fee system can result in consumers paying for services they aren’t using while they wait for a credit reporting agency to respond to a dispute.


The biggest issue with Credit Unlimited is the cost and the fees that they charge. Credit Unlimited charges nearly $80 for a copy of your credit reports. This is outrageously high given that the federal government and most states require that customers have free access to their credit report every 12 months.

Another issue we has with Credit Unlimited was that there wasn’t a full description of the services they use on their website. We can’t be sure if they will send goodwill letters and validation requests in addition to disputes, and we don’t know if they have a specialized strategy for targeting what items to dispute and what items shouldn’t have time or energy spent on them. This makes it hard to give them a fair evaluation of value for money. Moreover, their $80 per month fee is on the high end of what we expect from credit repair services, and we couldn’t find any information regarding if they do month-to-month contracts, or if clients have to sign up for services for a fixed period of time.


Credit Unlimited is in the middle of the pack in terms of the credit repair companies we looked into. They are far from the best, but they’re also far from the worst.