Credit World Financial Services is a credit repair firm based in Phoenix, AZ, and has been in business since 2005. They are a bit of a mixed bag in that they offer some of the most grounded information we’ve seen on one of the worst websites we looked at.


Credit World Financial Services has been featured as a reputable credit repair service on local news, which speaks strongly for their credibility. They have a pile of advice on how to avoid credit repair scams, and this information will be useful for consumers who are looking to repair their credit. Credit repair scams are particularly challenging, as it is an industry with no way to be sure results can be delivered, or any common understanding of the process and fees that a company should charge. Credit World gets extra points here by offering a realistic timeframe (varies based on customer, usually 5-6 months, sometimes as much as 12 months. Moreover, Credit World Financial Services also gets points for being up front about the fact that everything a credit repair service does is something that you can do yourself. This level of honesty is refreshing in an industry that often thrives on confusion and obfuscation.


That being said, Credit World has a transparency problem. There is no information on how much their services cost, nor on what specifically the company will do for you. Instead, they offer a no-cost consultation for customers. This is helpful in some regards but consumers should be aware that it is also a sales tactic. When you are in an office in front of someone offering you a service you are more likely to agree because the person is directly in front of you. We’ve also found through our research that firms that have clear, upfront pricing and explanations are more likely to get results for consumers, and are more likely to have better customer service reviews.

The company’s website also suffers because the way that its information is presented makes it impossible to know where the information a customer wants is located. Instead everything is grouped under the “about” tab, with no headings or subheadings to help make the text easy to navigate.


Credit World Financial Services seems to be a good choice for credit repair services, but customers should be careful of sales tactics, including the no-cost consultation, and should be ready to say no if they aren’t comfortable or want to do more research.