Credit360 Credit Repair is a credit repair firm founded in 2014. They offer dispute services to help customers remove late and missing payments, judgements, tax liens, and more from their credit reports. In addition to personal credit repair they also offer business credit repair and business lines of credit.


The first positive aspect of the company we found was that they offer a dispute service that helps consumers target detrimental information on their credit reports, including late or missed payments, bankruptcies, defaults, tax liens, judgements, and more. These pieces of information can severely impact a person’s credit score and leave them suffering from higher interest rats on loans and credit. Negative information can even disqualify someone for loans and credit, making disputes an excellent tool for credit repair services

Credit360 Credit Repair has the additional benefit of being featured in a number of publications, and having the support of industry giants like Bank of America, Citibank, US Bank, and more doesn’t hurt either. These relationships show that they have the industry contacts needed to get results, and also means that they are able to offer customers services to help build their credit after they are finished with the repair process, which gets them some extra points from us.

The final pro we’d like to highlight is that their website is clear and easy to use. Many credit repair companies have websites that either don’t have much information, or hide information in random, hard to find locations. Clean, professional websites are strongly aligned with better customer satisfaction and reviews in our research, and gets the company a few extra points in our rankings.


Credit360 Credit Repair does have some issues however, the first being that their fees and rates for services aren’t described on their website, which means that customers will have to set up an appointment or call in to get more information. We don’t like this sales tactic, as customers are more likely to sign up with a service once they’ve shared information, so we view this as a negative when it comes to credit repair services.

Credit360 Credit Repair has another problem, namely that they don’t have some of the basic consumer information that we like to see from the best credit repair companies. This would include things like links to relevant laws and regulations and an explanation of what those rules mean for consumers. This consumer education isn’t absolutely essential to making a great company, but it goes a long way in showing they care about customers and making the credit repair process more effective.

Credit360 Credit Repair also gets bumped down a few rankings because they lack the images of credit reports and letters that we like to see to prove the kind of results they can get for customers. This is our preferred way to verify results, as things like customer reviews and written testimonials can be easily faked. This isn’t an accusation we’re making in this case, but images of actual reports would be helpful.


Credit360 Credit Repair is a decent choice for credit repair services. They have the standard allotment of tactics and will likely be able to help customers remove at least some items from their credit reports. However they aren’t quite up to the top companies in our reviews.