Overview is a credit repair company offering a variety of services for customers who are looking to improve their credit score by removing negative or inaccurate information from their credit reports. The information might be the result of identity theft, and can help with a range of different items, including late or missing payments, tax liens, judgements, bankruptcy, and more.

Pros has some of the best educational resources out of the credit repair companies we looked at. They offer extensive information on credit, credit repair, and credit reporting. In our experience, offering more consumer education generally translates to higher customer satisfaction and a higher success rate. has a blog that is regularly updated and contains practical, actionable advice for a wide range of consumers, which stands in contrast to many other companies that post four blog articles and then never update it again.

Most consumers spend four months in’s program, which speaks well for the speed at which they are able to resolve credit issues, and also helps customers save money on monthly payments by not dragging out the process longer than it has to be. Customers can cancel their service at any time for no fees, and they are also willing to work with creditors as well as the credit reporting agencies to remove negative information from a consumer’s credit report.


One of the biggest issues with is a lack of customer service. Specifically, we had problems, as did other reviewers, with getting to respond to email inquiries. This makes sense for a small one or two person operation, but a company with .com in its name should be more responsive to modern modes of communication.

Additionally,’s prices were higher than many of the other credit repair services we looked at, nearly $100 per month. We already don’t like the monthly payment setup for credit repair firms because much of the process is out of their hands, and so one of the higher monthly fees is certainly a point against the company. Finally, doesn’t offer any kind of money back assurances, which is rare in this industry and may make some customers think twice about signing up for their services.

Verdict is a decent option for credit repair services. They offer a range of services, but their high price and monthly fee help keep them out of the best companies for credit repair services.