CT Debt Consolidation is a debt consolidation and credit repair company that focuses on helping Connecticut consumers get out of debt and get their financial cards in order. They have a few different services and the years of experience necessary to help many different types of consumers.


The first advantage they have is they do a good job of describing all of the different ways that they can help consumers boost their credit and fix false or inaccurate information on their credit reports. This lets consumers understand the options they have, and also shows the different services that the company offers. This makes comparison shopping easier and lets consumers be sure they’re getting the best value for their hard-earned money.

CT Debt Consolidation has the additional benefit of they have solid consumer information regarding credit, credit services, the credit reporting process, and more. This gives them a boost because our research shows that companies that put more effort into consumer information and education generally have better marks when it comes to customer service and customer satisfaction. Moreover, consumer education shows a greater focus on helping the consumer with their financial situation, and less like the credit repair company views itself as merely another business.

Lastly, they have a money-back guarantee for their clients. The terms on this assurance are reasonable, and it shows that they believe in their services and have a customer-focused business model. This is especially important in the credit repair industry as credit repair customers are unlikely to be able to absorb paying out their hard earned money to not see results.


CT Debt Consolidation does have some issues however, the first being that they don’t assist consumers with disputes, a common service that we expect from the best credit repair companies. Consumers can do this by themselves, but, when paying for credit repair services, we expect a greater degree of customer service.

CT Debt Consolidation has some other issues, including the fact that they lack a clear description of their rates and fees. This means consumers will have to set an appointment or reach them by phone to get more information, potentially wasting the consumer’s valuable time and energy. Moreover, our research shows that companies with transparent pricing and fee structures have better marks for customer satisfaction and service.

CT Debt Consolidation also gets bumped down a few rankings because they don’t have any case studies or samples of consumer credit reports available. This makes it hard to verify their success, and knocks them down a few points in our review because before-and-after credit reports from customers is really the best way to show the sort of results that customers can expect from their services.


CT Debt Consolidation is a good choice for Connecticut consumers who have large amounts of debt that they want to consolidate to boost their credit score and simplify their payments. However, they do not offer many of the services that we expect from credit repair companies, including disputes and other basic services. Therefore, they will only be appealing to certain customers.