Davis & Davis Credit Advisors bills themselves as a boutique credit consulting firm. They claim that their clients have an average 33% increase in their credit scores after 90 days, and that they are 90% more likely to receive approval for loans and credit products. They offer credit reports, debt negotiation, advisor support, FICO score help, and budget assistance programs.


We really like the number of different options offered by Davis & Davis. They have a broad spread of services that can help customers in a number of different situations, which makes them a desirable firm to work with for lots of consumers. Their debt negotiation services are particularly appealing, as these can help consumers pay back less than what they currently owe, saving potentially thousands of dollars.

We also liked that they have a referral program for their services. This means clients can save money on their bill or actually make money by directing their peers to Davis & Davis. This is a great way for happy clients to get money back on their credit repair bill, and gives the company an incentive to provide the best service possible to clients.


We wish that they had their prices listed on their site so we can do a better evaluation of the different programs and program levels. More transparency generally means better service, though this may be a unique case.

We’re also nervous because, while Davis & Davis doesn’t disclose prices, the fact that they label themselves as a boutique consulting company means the prices are almost certainly higher than you’ll pay for other credit repair options. Their per hour business consulting rate is $150, though personal consultations are free. This price is a bit high, so consumers should ask after pricing before agreeing to anything.


Davis & Davis Credit Advisors are a good option if you’re looking for personalized boutique credit services, and can afford to pay for them.