Duluth Credit Repair is a credit repair company operating out of Duluth, MN. They have a good payment model and offer dispute based resolution services to help customers increase their FICO score. Additionally, they have an excellent consumer education program, which helps consumers stay out of bad credit situations in addition to improving their current situation.


Duluth Credit Repair impressed us in that they use a very favorable model for payments. They charge a startup fee of $125, and an additional $25 for each item charged. This means that you’re only paying for results, instead of paying to wait like you would in a monthly fee model. What’s better is that they offer a refund of the startup fee if you aren’t happy with the service after 3 months, so you really will only be paying for results with Duluth Credit.

They also offer some great educational programs. Each of their clients has a three part credit education process that helps them understand how credit scores are calculated and what they can do to keep their score going up. Consumers will also learn how to read their credit report so they can get the most information possible out of it and get a firm understanding of their credit situation.


One thing we didn’t like was they only offer dispute services, and don’t have the same kind of consumer education that we expect from the best credit repair services. Our research indicates that customers who only get help with disputes and no assistance or education on the credit process are more likely to suffer from the same problems that lead them to need credit repair services in the first place


Duluth Credit Repair are a good choice for residents in the Duluth, MN area. Their fees are incredibly reasonable and you’ll only pay for results, so the value that Duluth Credit Repair creates is excellent for all kinds of consumers.