Edit Your Credit is a credit repair services company based in West Chester, PA. They have been in business since 2006 and offer customers a number of ways to improve their credit score by challenging or dispute negative or inaccurate information related to late or missing payments, tax liens, charge offs, bankruptcies and more.


Edit Your Credit offers the standard range of services that one would expect from a credit repair services company. This includes evaluations of a consumer’s credit report, the targeting of items for disputes or verification checks, as well as a review of the results of the efforts. They offer a money back guarantee, which is a strong indicator that they stand behind the quality of their services, but we couldn’t find any terms or conditions on this guarantee.

Edit Your Credit has a sleek, professionally set up website that is easy to use and navigate, and it helps direct customers toward the information that they’re looking with a relatively straightforward layout. This is a contrast to many of the credit repair companies we looked at, who have websites that look like they are straight out of the mid 1990’s.


Edit Your Credit only focuses on disputes and doesn’t provide any services to help customers avoid the mistakes that got them into credit trouble in the past, nor do they offer any kind of program to help build a customer’s credit after they are finished with Edit Your Credit’s program. Our research says that, in general, a company that provides educational resources will have a higher success rate for helping customers, as well as increased customer satisfaction and customer service ratings.

There are a number of negative reviews from customers across the internet for Edit Your Credit. Most of the reviews focus on the argument that Edit Your Credit took payment for services, but the customer’s credit scores didn’t go up. While this isn’t uncommon in the credit repair industry, as much of the credit repair process is out of the hands of the companies offering repair services, Edit Your Credit had more of these reviews than we would expect from a company this size. They also have an unresolved complaint filed against them with the BBB.


We can’t recommend Edit Your Credit. They don’t offer the services, programs, or information that we expect from a top credit repair company, and the number of negative reviews is unsettling.