Enrich Financial Credit Repair is a credit repair services company that operates out of Tarzana, CA. They have been in business since at least 2014. They have a mix of positive and negative reviews online, and offer a number of services to help consumers fix their credit reports.


Enrich Financial has a great deal of information on their services, and what they can do to help consumers improve their credit report. This stands in stark contrast to many companies that only offer vague descriptions of their services. Enrich has sub-sections devoted to people who want to improve their credit score for specific reasons, like home and auto loans. Moreover, Enrich has information on every kind of negative comment that can appear on a credit report and an explanation of what it is, how long and to what extent it affects a credit score, as well as what Enrich Financial can do to help remove those items from a credit report.

Another advantage of working with Enrich Financial Credit Repair Specialist is that they are one of the few companies that work with the Chex System Report. This is a network of banks and lenders that share information about consumers so that businesses can make informed decisions about the level of risk the consumer presents to them. Most of the other credit repair services we looked at only talk about what they will do for the three major credit reporting agencies.


The biggest issue that we have with Enrich Financial Credit Repair is a lack of pricing information. We couldn’t find any information related to Enrich’s pricing model or how much their services cost. This tactic of hiding prices until a customer is already engaged is one that we look down on because it lets companies take advantage of a psychological trick that makes customers more likely to sign up with the business because they have already had to engage with them directly. Our stance is that pricing information up front shows confidence in the quality of the service that a company provides, as well as in the results that customers receive. This is especially true with credit repair, as many customers may not have the money to waste on fees and charges while waiting for their credit to be fixed.


Enrich Financial might be a solid choice for credit repair services if the terms and pricing they offer when you call are within your budget and you judge them to be worth the value.