Exchange Credit Repair Services is only one of the credit programs that this company offers. They are more of a full service credit agency, with services offered to businesses and individuals. The range of services include building credit, business credit packages designed to acquire credit for new and small business and credit repair for individuals. The company seems very technologically oriented – all three ways of starting a credit service relationship with them are transposed through media as opposed to one on one communication.

One of Many Credit Services

Exchange Credit’s individual credit repair program also includes an expedited option, no doubt for a fee. This method that removes items quickly so that if only one or two items on your credit report are interfering with the purchase of a home or car then they offer a service that moves very quickly to prioritize those items’ removal. The website is sparse on describing how their new high tech item removal methods are superior to current methods. And there is zero mention of any personal contact during the credit repair process.

Be Your Own Best Credit Counselor

Remember that initially removed items will come off more easily than legitimately recorded  debts and transgressions. The first items to be removed are more likely to be mistakes of identity, repetition, or inflation of information on your credit report. Many argue that the reports are riddled with simple and glaring mistakes. The law allows you to question those mistakes in writing and puts the burden on the credit reporting agency to confirm those “disputed items.” An enterprising debtor can get those types of items removed before they invest in any credit repair service. The credit reporting agencies are required to justify those items in writing to you within 30 days or those items are removed. There are many websites that describe what those letters should address.