Expresstax provides debt settlement and credit repair services for their customers. They review each customer’s credit report to determine the best way to raise their credit sore, while at the same time figuring out ways to help consumers better manage their debts and obligations.


The first advantage the company has, compared to others, is they have good reviews for customer service, with many complimented the speed of response, quality of answers, and professionalism of that aspect of the business. This is especially important for credit repair companies because many customers don’t understand the credit, credit reporting, or credit repair processes.

They also impressed us in that their services are personalized, which means they treat every customer as a unique case. This is much better than some of the other credit repair companies we’ve looked into which rely on standardized form letters and a strict process that fails to take the individual’s situation into account.


Unfortunately, they do have some downsides, for example, don’t have a list of prices or a description of different service levels or contract terms and commitments. This means that consumers will have to spend more valuable time and energy to determine how much of a deal their services are. The result can expose consumers to bad sales tactics that confuse them into thinking they’ll get one price when they’ actually wind up getting another. This makes it hard to give a fair evaluation of the value of the services they offer and costs them a few points in our reviews.


Expresstax are a decent option for credit repair, especially if you think that debt settlement options will work out in your favor. The combination of debt settlement and credit repair services is not common, and it helps Expresstax stand out from the pack a bit.