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Fairmax Law is a legal firm that specializes in dealing with credit and debt issues for their clients. They take an aggressive stance when it comes to protecting their client’s rights, while at the same time ensuring that their client gets an improved credit and financial situation.


The number of services that Fairmax Law offers is impressive. They have detailed action plans for specific types of items on credit reports explaining what they’ll do to resolve each one. This level of detail and service upfront is very rare in this industry, and is something that we look very highly on in our reviews. Moreover, the number of different items they can take action on makes them appealing to a wide variety of consumers.

Fairmax Law also impressed us with the directness that they address various issues. As a legal firm, they know exactly what the options are and will ensure that any resolution complies with the law and is enforced. This includes items like debt settlement, challenging zombie debts, tax issues, and more. Most companies talk around these issues, and Fairmax gives you and understanding of how they’ll work for you right away.


The company isn’t perfect. The first issue we have is they are missing the consumer education and information that can be found with the best credit repair companies. Offering consumer education and information is a strong indicator that a company has good services, and also helps consumers assist in the credit repair process, which can make it more successful. Moreover, a lack of consumer education opportunities corresponds to a higher likelihood that the consumer finds themselves in credit trouble again. For these reasons and more, it hurts them in our rankings.


Fairmax Law is a great choice for many different types of consumers. However, if you’re looking for consumer education, you’re going to have to look elsewhere, as this company is only about addressing problems, not preventing them in the future.