Flourishing Credit Counseling is a credit repair firm based in Hammond, LA. They have a flashy website but lack a lot of the basic information that we look for when it comes to evaluating credit services.


The first positive aspect of the company we found was that they offer a good explanation of how credit works, as well as reasons why consumers should fix bad credit. All of these claims are true, but they don’t provide much meaningful information for consumers, and works more as advertising than anything else. As such, we don’t have very many other good things to say about Flourishing Credit Counseling.


The company isn’t perfect. The first issue we have is they fail to offer pricing information or other details about the over all cost of the service. This makes it hard to gauge the overall value the service provides and also makes it more difficult for consumers to understand if the credit repair service being offered can fit into their budget. This doesn’t mean they provide bad services, but it does dial our enthusiasm for them back a bit.

They also have some other issues, including the fact that they don’t have a detailed list of the different services and tactics that they use to get consumer’s credit repaired. This can result in consumers trying techniques that have already failed for them in the past, as well as losing valuable time calling the company or sitting through meetings in order to find out what services the company offers.

they have some of the worst educational sections on their website out of the different companies we’ve looked at. The materials consist of a statement that credit is important, and a link to a site where consumers can order their credit report. This is far below the standard of the industry and a red flag to us.


Flourishing Credit Counseling isn’t the best option for those looking for credit repair services. Their website indicates that the company is focused more on making money than helping consumers, and they don’t explain how they’ll meet their claims or what makes them better than other companies. Look elsewhere before trying them.