This company is a perfect example of how a credit repair business can grow out of a real estate company. They cover a wide range of types of negative credit report items and have a fairly comprehensive approach. The main goal of correcting or improving your score for them is in pursuit of a large purchase like a house or car. Many debtors are unaware that they have bad credit issues until they attempt to make such a purchase. Only at that point do they consider hiring a credit repair service to deal with negative items on their credit report.

Get Ready to Do Your Part

Although Gaslight Credit Repair claims to cover a vast array of credit problems, their website is very short on descriptions of they intend to actually do. They are essentially enablers in the process from what can be discerned from their website. Many companies are on this end of the spectrum and Gaslight is pretty upfront about the amount of work on your part that credit repair requires. Every piece of correspondence that you receive from credit reporting agencies, creditors and collection agencies has to go to Gaslight in a timely manner. The sheer volume of correspondence is difficult to predict without knowing the number of negative items on your report. Each item generates its own paper trail that you must reroute in a timely manner to your credit repair service.

No Idea What This Service is Worth

There is zero copy on the Gaslight Credit Repair website regarding the cost of their service. No explanations of even how fees are calculated. Some companies charge by the month, some charge nonrefundable analysis fees, some charge by the item removed. The most legitimate of these fee processes is the enumerated fees for each type of item removed, but very few companies provide that level of transparency.