Go Clean Credit is a credit repair services company operating out of Tempe, AZ. It was started in 2003 and has some of the most extensive information regarding credit, credit reporting, and credit repair that we’ve seen in our reviews. They have experience working with bankruptcy, defaults, late payments, judgements, student loans, tax liens, identity theft, and more.


One of the best things about Go Clean Credit is that they have some great information for consumers on their site. Their FAQ is one of the most detailed that we saw and covers a wide variety of information that individuals or businesses looking for credit repair services might be interested in. Moreover, the information that they offer is far more detailed that much of what we looked at, and they have a regularly updated blog that provides credit advice on a number of different topics.

They have three different tiers of service, and each one includes a free credit consultation and can be tailored to individual needs like timeframe constraints and other issues that customers might have. They offer help with collection services including ensuring collection tactics are within what is allowed by law and aren’t excessive or abusive. They also validate debt which is essential for anyone who is facing a host of collection letters and doesn’t know if they are all legitimate.


The biggest issue with Go Clean Credit is a lack of transparency. We couldn’t locate any information on the prices of their different programs, nor could we determine if they use a results-based payment structure, and advanced fee structure, or a combination of the two. This lack of transparency makes it difficult for consumers to understand what the costs of their services may eventually be. There is a link to sign up for a no-cost credit consultation, but the consultations in these situations usually turn into a sales tactic, where someone is more likely to agree to use a service because they’re already in the office that will be providing it. Potential customers should go into these consultations prepared to say no if they have any questions or want to do further research.


Go Clean Credit is an average choice for credit repair services. They have a lot of useful information to help consumers out, but they don’t have the sort of pricing transparency we need to ensure they provide good value for money.