Good Life Credit is a credit repair service company based in Hollywood, FL. They have been in business since 2000. Good Life Credit is run by attorneys that specialize in credit, credit reporting, and credit repair law. This provides them with some interesting advantages in the credit repair industry relative to their competition.


Good Life Credit provides a number of copies of deletions that they have achieved to prove a track record of success. This is important because many companies rely on testimonials or proof of service quality at all. Testimonials can be faked, so proof of deletions are a valuable resource when rating the effectiveness of a credit repair service company.

Good Life Credit is also owned and operated by lawyers that specialize in credit law. This gives them advantages relative to the many companies that don’t even have an in-house legal staff because they will understand the judicial and regulatory decisions that alter the subtle rules surrounding credit reporting and credit repair. They may have knowledge about tactics and strategies for credit repair that aren’t available to other credit repair services.

Good Life Credit also offers a money-back guarantee that triggers a refund if a consumer has not had any negative information removed from their report after 6 months. This also speaks to Good Life Credit’s confidence in its services.


One of the biggest drawbacks to Good Life Credit is the high prices and monthly fee payment setup. The basic plan has a startup fee of about $100, and costs $60 per month. The premium package has a setup fee of $150, and costs $80 per month. This is much higher than many comparable companies, and we aren’t huge fans of the monthly fee pricing system for most customers when it comes to consumer repair. The reason is that much of the credit repair process is in the hands of the credit reporting agencies, so customers may wind up paying Good Life Credit when they aren’t actually doing anything for the customer at that time, just waiting for a response from the reporting agencies. This can decrease the value for money that consumers get from their services.


Good Life Credit is a good choice for customers that have more complicated credit issues than most. The legal specialization that Good Life Credit provides also comes with an increase in the cost of their services, so make sure your situation warrants the added cost before signing up.