GreenPath Debt Solutions offers a number of solutions for customers who are having problems with debt which have begun affecting their credit score. Their website has lots of useful resources and tools, and the broad nature of their services means they are helpful for many people.


The first advantage they have is they have a professional, easy to navigate website. The information the company provides is easy to locate, and it’s organized in a logical, easy to follow manner. This puts them above many other credit repair companies we looked at, whose websites either lack information, or bury the data consumers are looking for under obscure menus and categories. Not only does this save consumers time and help them get the info that they are looking for but it also demonstrates a commitment to providing a high quality service. Therefore it’s not surprising that companies with good websites generally received better customer feedback and had higher customer satisfaction ratings.

They have the additional benefit of they have a number of different programs and services that let consumers pick the option that best fits their particular credit and debt problems. These options include credit card, housing, and student loan debt, among others. That makes them more adaptable than many credit repair companies, and speaks well to the claim that customers will get an individualized experience.


Unfortunately, they do have some downsides, for example, they don’t assist consumers with disputes, a common service that we expect from the best credit repair companies. Consumers can do this by themselves, but, when paying for credit repair services, we expect a greater degree of customer service.


GreenPath Debt Solutions are an excellent choice for consumers who are looking for information they can act on themselves, and don’t want someone to file disputes for them. GreenPath has some of the best free resources we’ve seen, and the prices they offer are some of the lowest around.