Heritage Credit Repair is a company based in Arroyo Grande, CA. They offer credit repair services for their clients and have a number of free services like credit consultations and credit reports that add value for consumers.


One of the best things they have going for them is that they have the added benefit of offering debt collection assistance. They can get creditors and collectors to stop calling so that the consumer has the time and energy they need to fix their credit situation. Moreover, consumers may be entitled to monetary awards if the creditor or debt collector is trying to collect in a way that runs contrary to the legal regulations and guidelines that cover collections.

Heritage Credit Repair also gained points in our review because they have many useful consumer education resources available. This is a big plus for us because our research indicates that companies who offer more consumer education are more likely to help their customers not only get rid of their current credit issues, but also avoid actions which can lead to credit issues in the future. This higher level of customer service and customer satisfaction earns the company some serious points.

The last pro we’d like to note is that they file disputes with credit reporting agencies to challenge negative and inaccurate information found in credit reports. This information can severely impact a consumer’s credit score, resulting in higher interest rates for loans, or possibly getting denied for loans altogether. These disputes are one of the most common strategies for resolving credit report issues.


Heritage Credit Repair isn’t perfect. The first issue we have is that we couldn’t get many pages on their website to load, most notably the page where they describe their services. This is a problem as it makes us unable to evaluate the services they offer or provide a complete list of them. Customer reviews indicate that they fie disputes and provide education, but a poorly functioning website is a red flag in our reviews.

Heritage Credit Repair also lost some points in our review because they lack a clear description of their rates and fees. This means consumers will have to set an appointment or reach them by phone to get more information, potentially wasting the consumer’s valuable time and energy. Moreover, our research shows that companies with transparent pricing and fee structures have better marks for customer satisfaction and service.

Heritage Credit Repair can also improve in that they lack a detailed list of the different services that they offer consumers to fix their credit. As a result customers may find themselves sitting through a meeting or a phone call to find out that the company can’t offer them something that the consumer hasn’t already tried. This can be frustrating for consumers. Moreover, because there are so many different approaches to credit repair, knowing the process and services the company offers helps consumers determine how good of a fit it is for them.


Heritage Credit Repair seems to be a middling choice for credit repair consumers. They need to get their web services up and running so we can get better information on their pricing and services and provide a fair evaluation of the value-for-dollars that they offer.