HS Credit Repair is a credit repair company that focuses on using disputes to help their clients remove negative and inaccurate information from their credit reports in order to boost their FICO scores and get them better terms on loans and credit.


One of the best things they have going for them is that they offer a dispute service that assists consumers in targeting detrimental information on their credit reports, including late or missed payments, bankruptcies, defaults, tax liens, judgements, and more. These pieces of information can greatly impact a person’s credit score and leave them suffering from higher interest rats on loans and credit. Negative information can even disqualify someone for loans and credit, making disputes a great tool for credit repair services and clients.

They also have the additional benefit of they don’t really offer information that describes their pricing or payment model. This can make it harder for consumers to plan a budget and get their payments and debts under control. In other words, it makes the credit repair process more difficult than it has to be, and costs them some points in our evaluations.


They do have some issues however, the first being that they use a monthly fee model instead of a pay-per-deletion model. We don’t like this model as much because it means that the consumer is paying the credit repair firm to wait for a response from the reporting agency. Neither the consumer nor the credit repair company has control over how long the credit reporting agency takes to respond to a dispute or verification request, and so the cost for credit repair services can become higher than it should be with the monthly fee model.

They also lost some points in our review because their website is full of spelling and grammatical mistakes. This might be because they are so focused on improving their customer’s credit that they didn’t proofread, but we take it as a mark against them because it shows a lack of professionalism that we like to see with credit repair firms.


HS Credit Repair is a middle of the road choice for credit repair services. They’ve got the ability to help many people who have items on their report they need removed, but their monthly pricing model and unprofessional website make us hesitant to recommend them more enthusiastically.