Illinois Credit Services works to help Illinois consumers repair their credit. They are based in Plainfield, IL and have been well reviewed in many publications like the Wall Street Journal. They maintain an expert staff and focus on repairing, educating, and building credit for their customers.


The first advantage they have is they offer a dispute service that helps consumers target detrimental information on their credit reports, including late or missed payments, bankruptcies, defaults, tax liens, judgements, and more. These pieces of information can severely impact a person’s credit score and leave them suffering from higher interest rats on loans and credit. Negative information can even disqualify someone for loans and credit, making disputes an excellent tool for credit repair services

Illinois Credit Services also impressed us in that they don’t require customers to pay upfront. This is a rarity in the credit repair industry and is a good indicator that ICS is more committed to helping their clients more than they are the making money, which is a good sign in the credit repair industry. Moreover, you can cancel their services at any time and there isn’t any fixed contract period that consumers must enroll in. This helps hedge back against the fact that they have a monthly pricing model, which we don’t prefer.

The last pro we’d like to note is that they also offer discounts for spouses or people who file their taxes jointly. This opens up a pathway to even greater savings for those individuals. Moreover, this also indicates that they truly are interested in helping consumers, rather than just focusing on making money. As a result, it boosts them a bit in our review.


Illinois Credit Services does have some issues however, the first being that they don’t use a pay-per-deletion model for pricing, and instead offer monthly rates. This setup means that consumers may be paying the credit repair service to wait for a response from the credit reporting agency in question. This can result in higher costs and doesn’t come with assured results, which could lead to consumers facing a huge bill with no benefit to show from it.

Illinois Credit Services also lost some points in our review because their prices are higher than average when it comes to credit repair services. This can put consumers in a bind because their bad credit hurts their ability to access capital, but without capital they can’t access the credit repair services they need. As a result, they lose a few points on our review. Our research generally points to the idea that reasonable or average prices are generally associated with better results for customers and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Illinois Credit Services can also improve in that they don’t offer debt collection services, which can be nice for many consumers who are looking for credit repair services. This isn’t absolutely necessary, but it is something we see from the best credit repair services.


Illinois Credit Services are a good choice for Illinois consumers looking to repair their credit. The range of services they offer, the information on their website, and approach to credit repair all help them rise above the fray of credit repair companies, but they aren’t quite in our group of the top credit repair companies yet. A pay-per-deletion model and more help with debt collection would get them there though.