This is a company that takes the larger view of credit repair; not as a quick fix but a financial illness that requires diagnosis, treatment and prevention measures. They are very generous with regard to educational materials and seem to want the clients to be well informed about the process of credit repair and credit building.  They have a very sophisticated website, they offer a free consultation up front with no obligation.  When describing their service, Illinois Credit Services makes it clear that they are helping YOU take control of the situation, not them. They distinctly commit to writing dispute letters for you to your creditors and the credit reporting agencies to get inaccurate or spurious information removed from your report.

The Level of Debt Service

The very educational approach taken by the Illinois Credit Services Credit Repair Program is holistic in its treatment of the debt disease. Their website warns of the consequences of individuals going it alone against the credit reporting agencies. Choosing a credit repair service requires an initial understanding of your credit goals. If the reason you are seeking credit repair is to clean your reports of a one or two mistakes so you can apply for a large loan or to make a large purchase, tailoring your choice of company to your end goal can be very useful. You are probably not looking for a holistic approach to financial planning if you just need a small service performed by professionals in the interest of efficiency.

How Much Guidance Do You Require?

The Illinois Credit Services clearly have been very well reviewed and have received customer service accolades as well as high rankings within the industry’s more thorough reviews. However, the treatment should fit the illness, and if your credit problems are piecemeal in nature, perhaps this is not the program for you. If you want someone to take over your financial perspective and reshape it towards a profitable credit future, they are an excellent choice.