Increditable Advisors is a company out of Indiana that does credit repair for individuals and businesses. They offer a free credit analysis and consultation, and claim to counsel their clients toward correcting their own debt circumstances. They seem to have a large specialization in student loans, and they have a deep description of how they can be reduced or forgiven or restructured.

Counseling and Consolidation vs. Credit Repair

Although Increditable Advisors have a deep and impressive list of the type of items they will try to help you remove from your credit report, they are very short on explaining what exactly they are willing to do themselves to get items removed. Every reference is to what YOU should do, and they seem to be willing to provide educational and expert guidance, but the process they recommend will be driven by you and your actions. The closest they come to committing to any action on their part is when they say, “We will evaluate your credit reports and help remove unverifiable items and inaccurate errors that are lowering your scores” but there is zero explanation of what is included in that help.

For Those Who are Financially Illiterate

Very little website space is spent telling the customer about the cost of this service, which is essentially a counseling service as opposed to a credit repair service. The website alludes to a premium plan but does not break down the different options clearly in one place. Their site has a great deal of educational information that could be useful in resolving your own credit report issues. There are many other sites, nonprofit groups and associations that provide very detailed descriptions of how to question glaring mistakes on your credit report. If you can write a clear letter about a billing mistake, you can compel credit reporting agencies to respond to you in 30 days without paying this company. It is not clear how much this service adds to what is already known by a diligently researching debtor.