JMAX Credit Repair is a credit repair company that works in Louisiana and Texas. They offer many different services to help consumers increase their credit score, and get the best rates on different credit and financing products.


The first positive aspect of the company we found was that they do a good job of describing all of the different ways that they can help consumers boost their credit and fix false or inaccurate information on their credit reports. This lets consumers understand the options they have, and also shows the different services that the company offers. This makes comparison shopping easier and lets consumers be sure they’re getting the best value for their hard-earned money.

They also gained points in our review because they have many useful consumer education resources available. This is a big positive in our rankings because our research indicates that companies who provide greater consumer education are more likely to help their customers not only get rid of their current credit issues, but also avoid actions which can lead to credit issues in the future. This greater level of customer service and customer satisfaction earns the company some serious points.

Lastly, they provide assistance negotiating and dealing with collection agencies. Getting collections agencies to stop can almost be worth the price of credit repair services by itself, so the fact that it is coupled with services to boost consumers FICO scores means that rank better on our list of credit repair services consumers might consider than other companies that don’t interact with collections.


Unfortunately, they do have some downsides, for example, they don’t have a clear description of their rates and fees on their website. This forces customers to reach out for more information, which is a sales tactic. The result is that consumers may lose valuable time in meetings or on the phone only to find out that they do not like or want the services the company has to offer. This lack of transparency also corresponds to lower customer satisfaction ratings and costs the company points in our review.


JMAX Credit Repair seem like a good choice for consumers living in the Louisiana and Texas border area. They can offer help for consumers looking to boost their FICO score and specialize in helping aspiring home ownership. If you live in their market area then consider giving them a call.