Key Credit Repair is a credit repair company based in Boston, MA. They have more than 9 years of experience in the credit repair industry. They offer a variety of services to help customers improve their credit, including debt settlement negotiations, credit report disputes, negotiations with creditors, and legal assistance if needed.


The best things that Key Credit Repair has going for it are the broad range of credit help services they offer their customers. Many other credit repair companies focus on the dispute process with the three major credit reporting agencies. Key Credit Repair does this and more, offering to negotiate with creditors to secure better rates, and providing legal assistance when warranted to help customers with harassing collections agents and companies, as well as navigating more complicated credit and credit reporting issues.

Moreover, Key Credit allows for unlimited disputes, which is different from many companies that limit the number of disputes that they will work on at one time for a company. This is especially important in the context of Key Credit’s monthly fee payment model, as consumers can make sure to get the most value for money from Key Credit Repair’s services.


The biggest thing holding Key Credit back from being in the top credit repair services we looked at is a complete lack of pricing information. We know from other sources that they use a monthly fee model, but we don’t know what that fee is, and so we can’t evaluate whether or not Key Credit Repair provides good value for money with their services.

Another issue we have with Key Credit Repair is the lack of consumer information on their website. They have an FAQ section that only covers the most basic information about credit, credit reporting, and credit repair, and don’t provide any advice for consumers on how to avoid the mistakes that lead to their bad credit in the first place. Our research has indicated that companies that provide consumer educational materials have a better rate of success, as well as higher customer satisfaction and customer service ratings. The lack of this information doesn’t mean that Key Credit Repair is a bad company, but it isn’t what we look for in the top credit repair services.


Key Credit Repair is a middle of the pack credit repair service. They have some good services that we don’t see in many other companies, but no way for us to say if those services are worth the money.