Kingdom Business Financial Group is a credit education company operating out of Colorado Springs, CO. They run online courses that educate consumers in credit, credit reporting, and the credit repair process so those customers have the ability to take charge of their financial situation.


The first positive aspect of the company we found was that they have solid consumer information regarding credit, credit services, the credit reporting process, and more. This gives them a boost because our research shows that companies that put more effort into consumer information and education generally have better marks when it comes to customer service and customer satisfaction. Moreover, consumer education shows a greater focus on helping the consumer with their financial situation, and less like the credit repair company views itself as merely another business.

Kingdom Business Financial Group also gained points in our review because they have a website that is cleanly and clearly laid out. This may seem like a small thing but our research has told us that companies with easy to use websites generally get better marks for customer service and satisfaction. Those that have clunky, outdated, or poorly designed websites frequently have a greater number of customer issues and complaints.

Lastly, the fact that their courses are digital means that consumers can attend on their own time. This lets consumers fit the education they need to boost their credit score and avoid future credit issues into their busy schedules. This is in stark contrast to many credit repair companies that might only operate during normal business hours, making it hard for some to attend sessions and get the help they need.


Kingdom Business Financial Group does have some downsides, for example, they don’t assist consumers with disputes, a common service that we expect from the best credit repair companies. Consumers can do this by themselves, but, when paying for credit repair services, we expect a greater degree of customer service.

Kingdom Business Financial Group has some other issues, including the fact that their prices are higher than many of the other credit repair firms we looked at. As a result, they may not be the best option for some consumers. This is especially true when the nature of the credit repair industry is considered, as many credit repair clients don’t have extra money to spare. As a result, they lose a few points in this category and aren’t as good as some of the other credit repair companies we’ve looked at.

Kingdom Business Financial Group also gets bumped down a few rankings because they don’t have any kind of money-back promise. This stands in contrast to many of the firms we looked at who stand by their services to the extent that they are willing to provide a 100% refund if the consumer doesn’t get results from their services. As a result, they don’t rank as highly in our reviews as they otherwise might.


Kingdom Business Financial Group are a good choice if you are only interested in learning more about credit, credit reporting, and credit repair. However the fact that they don’t do any disputes or take any action on behalf of the consumer means that they can’t break into our top credit repair companies.