Leaf Credit Solutions offers a money back promise if you aren’t happy with the results you’ve seen in 45 days, which makes them a no-risk option for many consumers. They dispute items on your credit report that are bringing down your score, while also providing education and action plans to help consumers get the most from their credit repair experience.


One pro that Leaf Credit Solutions has going for it is that they also work directly with creditors to establish a new payment schedule to bring your bills up to current. This sets them apart from many other credit repair companies that only work with the major credit reporting agencies, and gives customers additional options to improve their FICO scores. This can be a good option for people who have late payments in the last but have been paying their bills on time for awhile. Companies will frequently accept goodwill letters and contact credit reporting agencies to remove items from your credit report they had placed there.

Leaf also works on building a good credit record in addition to getting rid of damaging items on your record. This makes them a good option for consumers interested in sustainable growth in their FICO score and makes it easier for consumers to avoid slipping back into precarious credit situations in the future when they are done with Leaf’s program.


One problem we have with Leaf is that the offer tradelines as a way for consumers to raise their score. There’s nothing inherently illegal or bad about tradelines, but they have to be done in a very specific way to avoid running afoul of laws and regulations, and the industry has more fraud and corruption than we like to be involved in. You can use this option if it appeals to you, but we advise caution.


Leaf Credit Solutions are a good option for those interested in credit repair and tradelines to boost their credit score and establish a good credit history, but most consumers will benefit more from working with other credit repair firms.