Leaf Credit Solutions is a credit repair company that helps its customers boost their credit scores by challenging negative or inaccurate items on a credit report. They also use tradelines to help boost credit scores, which is a rare service in this industry.


One of the best things they have going for them is that they are able to use tradelines to boost consumer’s credit scores. This process is where a consumer is added as an authorized user to a credit card account with a high credit limit and a long history of on-time payments. Being added to this account can increase credit scores by reducing the percentage of credit used and by giving customers a long payment history to balance any negatives that might be on their report.

Leaf Credit Solutions has the additional benefit of they help consumers figure out what to dispute on their credit report, including inaccurate or false information which may include things like late or missed payments, liens, bankruptcies, judgements, and more. This lets consumers raise their credit score by removing false information, helping them qualify for better rates on loans and credit applications.

The last pro we’d like to note is that they have many credit reports from former clients available on their website, which shows the level of service that customers can expect from the company’s services. Having case studies also lets consumers see if they’ve ever worked with someone in a similar situation to them so they can determine if the company is the right choice for them.


Leaf Credit Solutions does have some issues however, the first being that they have conflicting information on their site and much of it seems to be copy stolen from another company. They point out that using seasoned trade lines was considered illegal by many law enforcement agencies, and thus don’t use them, and in the very next sentence states that they can add users to seasoned tradelines. The result is a high degree of confusion and a lack of clarity about what services the company actually provides.

Leaf Credit Solutions also lost some points in our review because their website is poorly put together. Information is hidden in random locations, or not available at all. The result is wasted time while consumers look for the information they need to help them make decisions. Moreover, our research shows that credit repair firms with better put-together websites frequently perform better on customer evaluations, both in terms of satisfaction and service.

Leaf Credit Solutions can also improve in that they lack a clear description of their rates and fees. This means consumers will have to set an appointment or reach them by phone to get more information, potentially wasting the consumer’s valuable time and energy. Moreover, our research shows that companies with transparent pricing and fee structures have better marks for customer satisfaction and service.


Leaf Credit Solutions is not a company consumers should consider for credit repair services. They practices they engage in are questionable at best in terms of their legality, and they don’t have the pricing or consumer information we look for from even middle of the pack credit repair services. Stay away and look elsewhere for your credit repair needs.