Lexington Law is a credit repair company based in Lexington, KY. They are one of the biggest credit repair companies around, and have a number of attractive services to help consumers boost their credit score and remove negative or inaccurate information from their credit report.


The best thing about Lexington Law is the number of things they will do for their customers to help get their scores up. A good example is that Lexington Law will work directly with creditors in order to get negative information removed from a credit report in addition to filing disputes and working with the three major credit reporting agencies.

Lexington Law also offers a good amount of information about credit, credit reporting, and credit repair on their website. Our research indicates that companies that have a good amount of consumer education materials generally have a higher success rate as well as greater customer satisfaction and customer service. Lexington Law bears this out, as their customer service was some of the best that we encountered, and their success rate and reviews are more positive than the other credit repair firms of a similar size. All of this points to why Lexington Law is one of the best credit repair companies in the market today.


The biggest issue we had with Lexington Law is that they do not offer a money back guarantee for their customers. This is a fairly standard practice in the credit repair industry, as much of the success for the credit repair process is in the hands of the consumer’s creditors and the three major credit reporting agencies. Still, we found little indication of customers who were unhappy with Lexington Law’s results, so the lack of a money back option many not be much of an issue for them.

The other issue is the fact that Lexington Law uses a monthly fee pricing system, and their prices are higher than many of the other credit repair companies we looked into. Lexington Law’s services fee is $80 per month, but there are a number of different discount programs that can help lower the overall cost that the consumers will pay for Lexington Law’s services.


Lexington Law is the best credit repair company we looked at. They have a great track record and offer a number of services and angles to help consumers that most other credit repair companies don’t engage in. Their fees are a bit high, but in this case you get what you pay for.