This company REALLY wants to get to speak to you directly and immediately. Their website has an initial pop-up of a customer service representative who will attempt to immediately engage you. Failing that, a second pop-up warns of the dangers of accumulated debt and unattended credit repair needs. It has movie level production value and seems a little like overkill. However, if you get past those distractions, the website itself is well divided to extract information about the level of service Lynx will provide and how much it costs.

The Process of Investing in Credit Repair

Lynx claims that they have no reason to stretch the process of removing items from your credit reports because their fee is a month to month charge. You are allowed to terminate the relationship at the end of any month that you choose, so the level of success you achieve is easy to assess.

Lynx’s Ultimate Service Quality

Lynx likes to highlight their own company’s record of item removal and credit score increases and those are statistically represented right up front – they also offer a couples rate and both of those rates assume a monthly service fee as opposed to an item by item removal fee. They charge a one time processing fee of $149.00 for an individual and $199.00 for couples. Their major emphasis is on service – so the pop ups make a lot of sense once you absorb their rather spread out website. You will have your own personal credit specialist assigned to you as your point of contact throughout the entire process. The company offers a constant dashboard for your to follow your progress and hosts chat rooms and blogs that allow direct customer service support at any time.