Magic Valley Credit Repair is a licensed and bonded credit repair company, with a range of financial services that are designed to restore, rebuild, and otherwise enhance your ability to get credit. Some of these companies are hired by corporations who are trying to get there customers to be creditworthy for a specific purchase. Magic Valley places a great deal of emphasis on a holistic approach to credit. This is a good approach, since most debtors could use some financial guidance beyond just clearing their old credit record. Recognizing the value of such credit repair services to vendors seeking to qualify a customer for a purchase are worth some pause.

Basic and Thorough Financial Explanations about Credit

In spite of presenting a very professional cover page on their website, a closer investigation reveals that Magic Valley only employs two credit specialists in their credit repair unit, one of whom is the owner. The information provided is very basic and seems to be more elementary and simplified than most other credit repair service websites. Magic Valley claims they will explain how credit scores are calculated. Although they describe the barriers to individuals handling their own credit removals, they say very little specifically about what they will actively do about removing items from your credit report.

Tough to Tell How Helpful They Can Be

This is a good basic starter company that probably can help people who have no idea of how they got in a rough credit situation and can help them understand what has happened and what needs to be done to correct their credit reports. They refer to the willingness of banks to negotiate but do not commit to actively pursuing specific targets of disputes. This simplicity may just be a function of them targeting a particularly elementary audience or it may just be vague. There is no description of their fees or the costs associated with their service. They offer a free consultation but there is little in the site that really lets you evaluate their service.