Max Score Credit uses a mix of credit education and disputes to help their clients get their credit reports and FICO scores back on track. This mix of education and action is one of the best ways to ensure that consumers stay out of credit trouble.


One of the best things they have going for them is that they offer lots of helpful information for consumers regarding credit, credit repair, credit reporting, good credit practices, and more. Our research indicates that companies with more consumer information generally do a better job at helping consumers stay out of credit trouble. Moreover, a greater focus on consumer indication generally means that the company is at least as interested in helping the consumer as they are in making a profit, and important aspect for credit repair companies.

They also have the additional benefit of they have a process to help get rid of negative or harmful information on consumer’s credit reports. This gives their FICO score an immediate boost, and helps them get better options on loans and credit. The company will dispute information on the credit report. The law means that the burden falls on the credit reporting agency to say that the information is 100% accurate. If the credit reporting firm can’t prove the item or items are 100% accurate, then they have to remove it from the report.


Unfortunately, they do have some downsides, for example, their prices and fees are on the higher side for the credit repair companies we reviewed. This brings them down a few notches because it limits the number and type of consumers that can get value from their services. Moreover, higher prices don’t correspond to better results or higher customer satisfaction in our research, so there isn’t as much of an upside as consumers might hope.

They also have another problem, namely that they don’t have a detailed list of the different services and tactics that they use to get consumer’s credit repaired. This can result in consumers trying techniques that have already failed for them in the past, as well as losing valuable time calling the company or sitting through meetings in order to find out what services the company offers.


Max Score Credit are a good option for many different consumers who are looking for ways to raise their FICO score and get a better understanding of how credit and credit reporting works.