Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyers is based in Southfield, Michigan. They provide a number of different services for their clients seeking credit repair options. They are especially noted for their ability to help with collections firms and are staffed by lawyers, giving them an edge when it comes to understanding the complex nature of credit in America.


The first positive aspect of the company we found was that they have the added benefit of offering debt collection assistance. They can get creditors and collectors to stop calling so that the consumer has the time and energy they need to fix their credit situation. Moreover, consumers may be entitled to monetary awards if the creditor or debt collector is trying to collect in a way that runs contrary to the legal regulations and guidelines that cover collections. This can be very helpful for many different consumers who find themselves being driven crazy by collection efforts.

The company is unique in that they don’t’ charge anything for their credit repair services. They get paid because they sue credit reporting firms for mistakes on your report, which can mean consumers can also get paid because of negative and inaccurate information on their reports. This makes them an appealing option for many customers, and it’s a unique service model that we haven’t really seen with other credit reporting agencies. There are some risks with this strategy though, and that means they aren’t right for everyone.


However, there are some issues. Not every consumer wants to engage in litigation over their credit report, and sometimes litigation won’t work. This can make it harder for consumers to achieve their goals and also draw out the credit repair process longer than many consumers would like.


Michigan Consumer Credit Lawyers is a great option if you think that your creditors, collectors, or credit reporting companies have broken the law in some way. Otherwise, there may be better options for people interested solely in credit repair services.