Midwest Credit Care provides the standard dispute services that you expect from most credit repair companies, but they are set up in a way to give consumers the option to execute the repair steps themselves at a lower rate. This gives consumers the flexibility to find the credit repair solution that works best for their particular situation.


Midwest Credit Care offers dispute services to remove items from their client’s credit reports. These items can include things like late payments, bankruptcy, wage garnishments, and more. All of these types of situations can result in your credit score taking a big hit, and getting them removed is a great way to see an immediate jump in your FICO score without having to wait for years of building on time payments.

Additionally, Midwest Credit Care will work directly with creditors instead of just working with the three major credit reporting firms. This gives consumers added options when it comes to resolving their credit difficulties, and can result in lower monthly payments that allow you to establish and stay on a workable budget, reducing stress and increasing your capacity for financial planning.


One thing we wish was different is that Midwest Credit Care charges on a monthly model. That means consumers can expect to pay $75 every month that they are enrolled in the program. We generally like pay-per-deletion models better because they ensure consumers are paying for results, but the $75 a month that Midwest Credit Care charges is lower than the standard monthly fee we’ve come to expect. As a result, we still highly recommend them even though we think that their payment model isn’t the optimal approach from the client’s perspective.


Midwest Credit Care are a good choice for many consumers in need of credit repair services. They have a reasonably competitive rate and work directly with creditors in addition to the major reporting agencies, making them a good value for many consumers.