Monadnock Credit Repair offers advice and education to their clients on how they can go about improving their credit score. This includes an evaluation of the customer’s credit report and a list of actionable steps that the client can take to boost their FICO score. This can help them get better terms on credit products and loans in the future.


Monadock Credit Repair doesn’t take any actions for their clients, they only offer credit training and credit counseling services. While these can be valuable for many customers, and are a good way to learn how to avoid credit mistakes in the future, it doesn’t do anything to help the customer out unless they take action. This makes this element of their services a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to the value they offer their clients.

We do like that Monadnock does focus so much on consumer education, as we hate to see people spend money on credit repair services, only to get back into credit trouble because they don’t know how the system works to begin with, and you can be sure that won’t be the case when working with Monadnock Credit Repair.


We’d like to see more information on Monadnock’s pricing so we can give a better assessment of the value their offer their customers. Many credit repair companies take action and file disputes for customers while also providing credit training and education, and understanding how the different services stack up requires more information about the price of the services that Monadnock provides its clients.


Monadnock Credit Repair is a good choice for consumers who are interested in education about credit and how credit works, as well as those who think they would benefit from credit training, but the service doesn’t take any actions for its clients, and so it isn’t the type of full service credit repair firm that many people expect when they look for credit repair options.