MP Credit Repair is a credit repair services company that has been in business since 2004. They are based in Las Vegas, NV, but operate nationwide. MP Credit Repair focuses on using disputes to remove negative information from a customer’s credit report, including late or missing payments, judgements, tax liens, bankruptcy, charge offs, and more. They also deal with the fallout from and prevention of identity theft.


MP Credit Repair offers personalized service for their customers. This is an important consideration, as many credit repair forms put all customers through the same process regardless of their particular credit situation. This can result in an ineffective or inefficient approach for some customers, so the personalized service offered by MP Credit Repair is a positive sign.

MP Credit Repair has also been in business longer than many of the credit repair services that we looked at for these reviews. This not only indicates a track record of success, but also means that they likely have experience dealing with an individual’s particular credit circumstances. This is especially true when viewed in conjunction with their personalized service.


The biggest issue we have with MP Credit Repair is a lack of information and transparency. Their site doesn’t have any information on their prices, so we can’t say that they are good value for money. We can’t even be sure if they use a monthly fee or pay-per-deletion pricing system. These distinctions are important because they might affect whether or not a consumer will get the best value from their services.

Moreover, the amount of consumer education material provided by MP Credit Repair also makes us a bit nervous. Our research has found that companies that offer extensive consumer information usually rank high in terms of success rate, as well as customer satisfaction and customer service. The lack of consumer educational materials also indicates that MP Credit Repair is focused strongly on disputing items and not on helping customers prevent themselves from making the same mistakes that undermined their credit in the first place. This can frequently result in customers relapsing and once again needing credit repair services.


The lack of consumer educational materials, lack of information on pricing, and minimal information on their services puts MP Credit Repair toward the bottom of our list of credit repair services. Customers should look elsewhere and prefer a company that focuses on education rather than just focusing on disputes.