My Credit Group is an excellent credit repair service that helps customers get rid of negative and inaccurate information from their credit report. They offer personalized plans and have many of the characteristics that we look for in our best credit repair companies.


The first positive aspect of the company we found was that, in terms of monthly plans, they have one of the best prices around. The service costs $79 and doesn’t have any hidden fees. Deletions are free as long as you are with the service. While the monthly fee model isn’t our favorite, the lack of other fees and charges makes the $79 offer very appealing, especially given that some companies charge $250 or more per month for similar services. The monthly fee also includes free debt settlement services, which will also help out many consumers.

My Credit Group has the additional benefit of a clearly laid out FAQ section that address all of the issues that someone might ask about their services. This includes pricing, timelines, qualifications, and more. Most companies only use the FAQ to put up information about the credit and credit reporting process generically, so it’s refreshing to see a company offer solid, clear information about themselves in this industry.

The last pro we’d like to note is that they have good reviews for customer service, with many complimented the speed of response, quality of answers, and professionalism of that aspect of the business. This is especially important for credit repair companies because many customers don’t understand the credit, credit reporting, or credit repair processes.


My Credit Group does have some downsides, for example, we’d like to see more consumer education materials on their site. Not only does this show a dedication to the consumer, but is also helps consumers assist in the credit repair process because they are more aware of what the process entails and what factors influence the credit scoring process. This isn’t a deal-breaker, but it would be a great way to get extra points on our review.

My Credit Group has another problem, namely that they don’t use a pay-per-deletion model for pricing, and instead offer monthly rates. This setup means that consumers may be paying the credit repair service to wait for a response from the credit reporting agency in question. This can result in higher costs and doesn’t come with assured results, which could lead to consumers facing a huge bill with no benefit to show from it.

My Credit Group loses points because they don’t have the detailed list of services that we want to see from the best credit repair companies. A detailed services list is a good indicator of the resources a company is willing to put into the repair process, and is important when judging the value-for-money of their services. Companies that have a clear list of the services they offer generally did better in terms of the customer service and satisfaction ratings they got from us, other reviewers, and customers.


My Credit Group is one of the best credit repair companies we reviewed,. They have solid customer satisfaction ratings, and we believe them when they say that 80% of their business comes from customer referrals. Check them out if you are looking for credit repair services.