National Affordable Housing Network offers credit counseling for people interested in buying a new home. This gives consumers the resources they need to get their credit back on track and ensure they get the best possible deal on their mortgage. Buying a house isn’t cheap, so National Affordable Housing Network can save you thousands of dollars on the total cost of your mortgage should you use their services and follow through on their advice.


The first advantage they have is they have many useful consumer education resources available. This is a big plus for us because our research indicates that companies who offer more consumer education are more likely to help their customers not only get rid of their current credit issues, but also avoid actions which can lead to credit issues in the future. This higher level of customer service and customer satisfaction earns the company some serious points.

They also impressed us in that they have some of the better prices for services that we could find for credit repair companies. This is important because it means that consumers will be getting more value-for-dollars using this company than if they tried one of their competitors. Also, given the reasons why consumers seek credit repair, lower costs are almost always better than higher ones for the consumer’s overall financial situation.


Unfortunately, they do have some downsides, for example, they don’t assist consumers with disputes, a common service that we expect from the best credit repair companies. Consumers can do this by themselves, but, when paying for credit repair services, we expect a greater degree of customer service.


National Affordable Housing Network are a good option for consumers who are looking to buy a home and want to know what they can do in order to help their credit. They have some great consumer education, but don’t offer the kind of full service credit repair that some people expect from a credit repair firm.