National Credit Consultants are a nationwide group of credit restoration specialists that help consumers fix credit scores that may be damaged by late or missing payments, charge offs, bankruptcy, tax liens, and identity theft. They’ve been in business since 2000, and work with all three major credit reporting agencies.


The reviews of National Credit Consultants results are generally positive. Many customers have stated that National Credit Consultants were able to raise their credit score to the point that they could get car or home loans, and others talked about the dramatic decrease in the interest rates that they received for other financial products. This track record indicates that National Credit Consultants is a good choice for credit repair services.

National Credit Consultants will send disputes and verification requests to all three major credit reporting agencies. This is different from some other credit repair services we looked at in that the other companies only file disputes. According to the law, a credit report item must be 100% verifiable for it to stay on an individual’s credit report. By asking for verification, National Credit Consultants opens up other possibilities to help consumers boost their credit score.

National Credit Consultants also offer educational seminars that help consumers understand credit, credit reporting, and the credit repair process. Our research a found that companies that offer solid educational help often get better results for customers, and customers are more likely to stay out of credit trouble.


One of the biggest drawbacks for National Credit Consultants is that they don’t have any in-house legal counsel. Credit, credit reporting, and credit repair are highly regulated industries that have a number of laws governing their processes. The lack of an in-house legal counsel might mean that National Credit Consultants could be behind on the current laws and regulations governing credit reporting and credit repair, and may not be able to offer a complete list of options for their customers to improve their credit or stop harassing collections calls.

National Credit Consultants also loses some points for transparency. They don’t have any pricing information on their website, so we can’t evaluate their value for money. This keeps us from recommending National Credit Consultants as one of the best credit repair services around.


A lack of pricing transparency and in-house legal counsel prevent National Credit Consultants from ranking among the best credit repair services we looked at, but they are still a decent choice for most customers.