Obtaining all three agencies reports is the first step for any credit repair consultation, so it may behoove customers to acquire their reports themselves and do a personal review before creating a list of questions to ask the credit repair services you consult. Often reports will double account for a debt, or attribute a bad debt to you that is not yours. National Credit Educational Services credit repair service has a very descriptive website and provides some very useful general information about credit, credit repair and the process of correcting credit report errors.

A Broad Array of Services

National Credit Educational Services offer four kinds of services with regard to credit restoration: counseling, restoration, education and debt management. The offer of educational services is an addition that many other companies do not offer and makes the service a much more sustainable financial product. Most debtors have financial issues that have to do with financial planning and a lack of understanding about how financial products like credit can be overwhelming. National Credit Educational Services have a well rounded approach to the issues of credit clean up, acquisition and retention. Their website is less transparent about the costs associated with this counseling service and making a clear list of the questions you might have about cost would be wise before you commit to any consultation fees.

Shape Your Financial Services to Your Needs

The breadth of their services is impressive, but the depth of their description of how hard they will work to remove items from your credit report is less clear. Although they are quite specific in their web content about the actions that they will take for you, most of them involve correcting errors, misidentifications or outdated data that has been erroneously attached to your credit report. They are very education oriented, so their process requires your very active and timely participation all along the way.