National Credit Fixers is a credit repair service based in Vernon, CT. They’ve been open since 1996, and offer a number of different package options to help customers successfully repair their credit score. National Credit Fixers focuses on disputing items to remove them from credit reports, including late or missed payments, charge offs, tax liens, and identity theft issues.


One of the best things about National Credit Fixers is their 100% money back guarantee for consumers. Many credit repair firms only offer limited money back options, and the fact that National Credit Fixers is willing to put it all on the line shows that they have confidence in the results that they can deliver. The terms and qualifications for this refund option are very clear, so consumers don’t have to worry about deceptive practices to cheat them out of a deserved refund.

National Credit Fixers also has clear pricing, with a monthly fee ranging from $149-$199 depending on the type of package the customer is getting. Moreover, since they’ve been open for so long, they have more experience in the credit repair industry than most of the companies we’ve looked at in this industry, which speaks highly of their ability to get the results they promise.


The biggest issue with National Credit Fixers is the high price for their services, as their lowest package is about $150 per month. This is much higher than many of the other companies we looked at who use a monthly fee payment system, and customers may not be getting the best value for money as a result.

Another issue we have with National Credit Fixers is that they do not have legal counsel on staff at the company. This severely limits the type of services they provide, and may leave the customer open to abuse or harassment from collectors that other firms might be able to stop. They also don’t have detailed information regarding their process listed anywhere on their website. Most of the information available just describes credit law and then has general statements about disputes.

National Credit Fixers also offers links to secured credit cards, which reeks of an affiliate program. We’re generally against affiliate programs for credit repair services because of the potential to exploit desperate customers.


National Credit Fixers ranks in the bottom of the middle of the pack in terms of credit repair companies we looked at. They have some good services, but cost more than they should.