Nationwide Credit Clearing is a licensed and bonded credit repair company, with a range of financial services that are designed to restore, rebuild, and otherwise enhance your ability to get credit. Some of these companies are hired by corporations who are trying to get there customers to be creditworthy for a specific purchase. This company seems particularly attuned to providing credit clearing for mortgages. That means they claim to specialize in the process of clearing your credit for a large purchase, like a home or car.

Full Service for Serious Issues

Nationwide Credit Clearing offers a free credit report (singular) and a free consultation. They emphasize that they will marshall the entire process, which is a big service difference between credit counseling services and turning it over to a full service credit repair company. Nationwide also offers a 24/7 portal to your progress. Obtaining all three agencies reports is the first step for any credit repair consultation, so it may behoove customers to acquire their reports themselves and do a personal review before creating a list of questions to ask the credit repair services you are considering. This is a very expensive service, even at the “Bronze” level – and the descriptions of the level of service on the front of the website assume the highest cost service they can offer their clients.

A Very Large Investment Decision

Choosing a credit repair service requires an initial understanding of your credit goals. If the reason you are seeking credit repair is to clean your reports to apply for a large loan or to make a large purchase, tailoring your choice of company to your end goal can be very useful. For example, former loan experts and mortgage brokers are often the people who are hired to work in these credit repair shops. They tend to thrive on referrals, so a company with long standing ties and reputation is more likely to be able to predict how much credit repair is possible and affordable.