The Nationwide Credit Repair service has a very bare bones website but the information put there is specific and very to the point. Although there are not a lot of bells and whistles, the site is very explicit in what they can and will do for your existing credit rating. They have an impressive list of types of negative debt-related items that they are willing to try to have removed from your credit report.

Clarity of Purpose

The services and activities they will perform for you are very clearly spelled out. They are also more direct than most companies about the level of participation required by the client. Because all of the information the credit reporting agencies and collections agencies and creditors will come to you directly, you must actively and in a timely manner keep your service updated with every piece of correspondence you receive from any of those entities. They provide a “110%” guarantee as long as you do your part. They claim to have never have paid a client off, so it seems that either they are very successful in the removal process or slack clients give them the latitude to refuse to pay.

Getting an Expert can Make Success More Likely

The company does seem to be geared toward clearing credit reports for large purchases. Often people have no idea that their credit is in trouble until they go to buy a house or a car. They very directly address the possibility of clients pursuing these credit report changes on their own and suggest that professional guidance is helpful because credit repair occurs within a complicated legal framework that can be manipulated to benefit the customer. The chance that a lay person is aware of all the ins and outs of credit reporting agency’s legal and regulatory responsibilities seems pretty slim