New Century Credit Repair is a credit repair firm founded in 2008. They claim that their average score increase was 60-100 points, and  that they frequently get results in less than 30 days. If this is accurate they can be a huge boon to their clients when it comes to boosting their credit score and getting out of financial trouble.


The first advantage they have is they offer a number of different services for customers, including business credit consulting. This shows that they have the expertise needed to help consumers get the best results from credit repair services. Moreover, they help with bankruptcy, debt negotiations, and offer a free credit evaluation, all of which show they level of professionalism their clients can expect.

New Century Credit Repair also gained points in our review because they do a good job of describing all of the different ways that they can help consumers boost their credit and fix false or inaccurate information on their credit reports. This lets consumers understand the options they have, and also shows the different services that the company offers. This makes comparison shopping easier and lets consumers be sure they’re getting the best value for their hard-earned money.

The last pro we’d like to note is that they offer lots of helpful information for consumers regarding credit, credit repair, credit reporting, good credit practices, and more. Our research indicates that companies with more consumer information generally do a better job at helping consumers stay out of credit trouble. Moreover, a greater focus on consumer indication generally means that the company is at least as interested in helping the consumer as they are in making a profit, and important aspect for credit repair companies.


New Century Credit Repair does have some issues however, the first being that they lack a clear description of their rates and fees. This means consumers will have to set an appointment or reach them by phone to get more information, potentially wasting the consumer’s valuable time and energy. Moreover, our research shows that companies with transparent pricing and fee structures have better marks for customer satisfaction and service.

New Century Credit Repair has another problem, namely that they don’t offer any kind of money back guarantee. This is a bit troubling as it indicates that the firm might be more interested in making money than in helping their customers. This is an especially important consideration for the credit repair industry because so much of the process is out of the hands of the credit repair firm and instead is controlled by credit reporting agencies.

New Century Credit Repair loses points because they had more negative customer service reviews than we expect to see for a company of their size. This could indicate that they have had issues delivering on their promises, and is an important factor to consider for credit repair companies because the credit, credit repair, and credit reporting processes can be so confusing. Companies with better customer service generally also had better customer satisfaction.


New Century Credit Repair seems like a good choice for many consumers looking for credit repair services. They are a particularly good choice if the customer is looking for credit help for their personal and business finances. However, the lack of pricing information or refund policy keeps them out of the top credit repair companies we looked in to.