New Century Credit Repair Firm provides a broad array of credit services, which speaks well for their breadth of knowledge. The firm divides its services up very clearly on the website: Free Credit Evaluation, Credit Restoration Program, Business Credit Counseling, Bankruptcy, Debt Negotiations and Lending and Funding Counseling. That broad selection of services suggest that the firm has deep connections in the credit industry. It also speaks well to their staff’s composition. The website claims they employ 10 Credit Experts and at the time of this review the company has 396 clients. Those numbers do make it difficult to imagine that your service can be very personal.

Depth of Service

New Century Credit Repair Firm is only certified in five states, but the company is also young. Their 8 years of experience in the field has resulted in many lawyer referrals, and one wonders if their primary source of revenue may be those referrals. Their description of their services is less than detailed on the site. They merely say that they average 6-10 items removed per client in the initial stages of the service and that clients have reported a 40-100 point score improvement after their service. Those are the only two sentences of description of this particular service that they provide on the site.

Degree of Service

This service probably can identify false or illegitimate information recorded on your credit report, but that is a minimal service at best. Obtaining all three agencies reports is the first step for any credit repair consultation, so it may behoove customers to acquire their reports themselves and do a personal review before creating a list of questions to ask the credit repair services you consult. Often reports will double account for a debt, or attribute a bad debt to you that is not yours. Questioning the errors on your report is your legal right and potentially a service you could perform for yourself on glaring errors and potentially get corrected on your own. Investing in a credit repair service should ideally yield more than removing the glaring and obvious errors of data entry or misidentification.