New England Credit Repair is based in New Hampshire, and has a unique credit repair process. The enrollment period for the company is 8 months, and they challenge every item on your credit report every time they issue challenges. This means they take the dispute process to the next level, while providing consumer education about how credit and the credit reporting process works.


The fact that New England Credit Repair challenges every item on your report every time is a good thing in the sense that it shows how zealous the company will act on your behalf. It’s always good to have a dedicated, fervent supporter on your side when it comes to things like credit repair and dealing with credit reporting agencies. These disputes can result in many items being removed from your credit report and can help to dramatically boost your FICO scores.

In addition to disputes New England Credit Repair also offers educational opportunities to teach consumers how to use credit in a way that enhances their life and credit record. This is important for anyone who is or who will, in the future, be thinking about buying a new car or home, or taking out a financial or credit based product.


One thing that New England Credit Repair could improve is a better description of how much their service costs. This is especially true in the context that their program is always 8 months long, so consumers should be able to understand how much money the service will cost per month so that they can compare them to similar services. Lacking this information doesn’t mean that New England Credit Repair is bad, but it’s something that would certainly boost them in our rankings.


New England Credit Repair are an average credit repair firm. If you live in New Hampshire they’re worth checking out, otherwise many consumers will find better options elsewhere.