New Jersey Credit Repair Services are based in Bergan County, New Jersey, and focus on helping consumers in and around that area. They provide dispute services to help consumers get their FICO score up by removing negative and false items from the customer’s credit reports. This can be a great way to get more favorable terms on loans and other credit products for New Jersey consumers.


We really admire the number of different items that New Jersey Credit Repair Services can help with. The list of items they can get removed from credit reports includes charge-offs, inquiries, repossessions, student loan issues, judgements, tax liens, collections, foreclosures, child support issues, bankruptcy and more. That list covers virtually everything that you’d want removed from a credit report, and speaks well of the company’s expertise in credit repair. The result is that you can expect New Jersey Credit Repair Services to be able to help consumers no matter what kind of situation they find themselves in.


However, New Jersey Credit Repair Services does suffer in that they don’t have any guidelines for the pricing of their service. That means consumers can’t know without engaging with them how much the service will cost or what kind of payment model the firm uses. This makes it difficult to do an apples to apples comparison and knocks them down a bit in our review. Moreover, a lack of pricing makes it hard for consumers to understand if a service will fit into their budget, and that’s an important consideration for people shopping for credit repair services.


New Jersey Credit Repair Services can be a good option for consumers who live in or near Bergan County, New Jersey. The company focuses on local residents, and they have a proven track record of success when it comes to raising FICO scores and removing negative items from customer’s credit histories.