Orlando Florida Credit Repair is a credit repair firm run by a single individual. The company caters exclusively to the local Orlando market, and so won’t be appealing to customers who live outside the greater Orlando area.


The first positive aspect of the company we found was that they offer debt collections help in addition to credit repair. This can be a huge relief to consumers being hounded by collections agencies, and getting collections agencies to back off can give consumers the time they need to get their affairs in order. Moreover, some consumers may be entitled to legal recourse depending on how the collections agencies are attempting to get paid, and that information can be extremely valuable to troubled consumers.

Orlando Florida Credit Repair also impressed us in that they have a strong local focus, which is a strong indicator that they care about their customers. Locally focused companies are a mixed bag for us because they are only an option for a limited part of credit repair seekers, but those around them generally have good reviews of their services and speak highly of the personalized attention that these local services provide.

The last pro we’d like to note is that they have some excellent information on how to avoid credit repair scams on their website. This is important for an industry that is as confusing as credit repair, where companies may be selling information that is freely available on the web and claiming that it is a service of some kind.


Orlando Florida Credit Repair does have some issues however, the first being that they don’t have any pricing details at all. They say that they will go over your credit reports with you and assist customers for one flat fee, but there isn’t any indication of what that flat fee is, which makes it impossible for us to determine if they are good value for the money you can expect to spend. The fees section is also laid out in a somewhat confusing manner, and they repeatedly tell you not to pay bad debt on the fees page.

Orlando Florida Credit Repair has some other issues, including the fact that they don’t have some of the basic consumer information that we like to see from the best credit repair companies. This would include things like links to relevant laws and regulations and an explanation of what those rules mean for consumers. This consumer information is a good indicator of what kind of services the company can offer and helps make the credit repair process go more smoothly.

Orlando Florida Credit Repair can also improve in that their website is outdated and lacks the ease of use that we expect from a modern, professional company. In the modern age web development has design has never been easier, so there’s no excuse for a poorly thought out or organized website. As a result, the poor quality of the website raises important questions as to the company’s dedication to their customers and the professionalism of their services.


Orlando Florida Credit Repair is a company that might be worth checking out if you live in the Orlando area and prefer a local company to handle your credit repair needs. Otherwise they aren’t one of the best credit repair companies, and may not make it to the middle of the pack.