Ovation Credit Services is a credit repair services company based in Jacksonville, FL. They have been in business for 41 years, making them one of the oldest and most experienced credit repair services companies we looked at for these reviews. They focus on using the dispute process to challenge and remove negative or inaccurate information from a customer’s credit report.


Ovation credit services has been in business for 41 years. This makes them one of the oldest and most experienced credit repair companies that we’ve looked at. This age and experience speaks highly to their ability to get the results the promise, and also means that they’ve likely come across consumers who are in similar situations to you, giving them guidance regarding the best way to go about helping boost a consumer’s credit score and remove negative items from their credit report.

Additionally, Ovation Credit Services has competitive prices, which range from $49 to $69 per month. While we prefer a pay-per-deletion payment model when it comes to credit repair services, these fees are on the lower end of what other monthly pricing model companies charge for their credit repair services. Furthermore, Ovation has a number of discounts that can help reduce the price even more, including seniors, military, spousal, and friends and family discounts.


One of the biggest problems we have with Ovation Credit Services was the lack of consumer information and educational material on their website. Our research has found that companies with more consumer education material are more likely to have a better track record of results, as well as higher customer satisfaction and customer service ratings. Consumer education information helps customers assist in their dispute processes by letting them know what kind of things and situations can be used to file a dispute. Lack of this information doesn’t make Ovation a bad choice, but it isn’t what we would expect from the best credit repair service around.

The company provides a credit monitoring service, but doesn’t offer any identity theft protection services, which makes the preceding product a bit useless. After all, no one wants to get a message that their identity has been stolen when they could get a message that their identity has been protected.


Ovation Credit Services is a solid choice for credit repair services. They have the industry experience to handle most issues, and have a long track record of achieving good results for their customers.