Pronto Credit Repair is a Christian credit repair service based in Los Angeles. They offer some consumer information and focus on providing consumers with the help they need to improve credit scores that have been hurt by negative or inaccurate information. Including late or missing payments, charge offs, tax liens, or identity theft.


Pronto Credit Repair has all of its prices listed on its website, which may not seem like much but is a rarity in the credit repair services industry. They have a number of case successes for view on their website that shows the results that they have achieved for consumers in the past, and operate a blog that provides some practical credit advice and information on how credit, credit reporting, and credit repair works. They break their process into a three step repair process that includes a consultation, a dispute process, and then a review stage. These are the standard processes that one would expect to find for any credit repair firm, and their description is reassuring.


There are plenty of things we don’t care for when it comes to Pronto Credit Repair. The first issue is with their pricing. While prices are listed on their site, they are set up in a disparate and confusing fashion. They say the consultation they offer is free, but there is a credit report audit fee of $40. After this there is a tiered system where consumers will pay $200 for items 1-10, and $250 for items 11-20. These items do not include judgements, evictions, repossessions, tax liens, late payments, or bankruptcy, which customers have to call to get information on. Savvy consumers will note that these are the most common items that people want removed from their credit report. It also isn’t clear if the fees are per item, or if the $200 covers 10 items. After this process, customers pay $150 for a post repair consultation where they get offers for products to help further boost their credit. This seems like the customer is paying to hear affiliate pitches, and not even the timeshare industry makes customers pay to be marketed to.

Pronto also has an odd refund policy. If customers are not satisfied within the first 90 days, they can get one month of their payments back.


We can’t recommend Pronto Credit Repair. Their deceptive pricing and $150 fee to sell customers other products isn’t in the best practices in the industry.